Lloyd Collins Property Consultants through its proven track record understands the needs of our clients. We have an excellent knowledge of the market place and trends that affect a properties marketability. Our experience is wide ranging from individual residential properties to large scale multi floor office buildings and neighbourhood shopping centres.

We have worked with numerous clients over the years in achieving the desired outcome, obtaining maximum return for their investment upon sale. Our relationships with prospective buyers means that we field enquiries on a property very quickly leading to a successful transaction.


Lloyd Collins Property Consultants understands that it is vitally important from both owners and tenants points of view to have the right fit of business address. We work with owners to lease their property in the shortest possible time so as a property does not remain vacant thus ensuring cashflow is generated.

We are able to provide advice on the rent levels and have market intelligence to secure a satisfactory outcome for our clients.

We work closely with tenants to ensure that their move into leased premises is a smooth process and rapport is maintained for the long term.